Chute Studio would love to work with you for your Riso printing needs. Every job is different, so in order to get the most accurate quote, please fill our this print request form
Risograph is an automated duplication process based on the mimeograph, used largely by schools, churches, and the government to print large quantities of one and two color documents. In the last decade or so, Riso has become a popular medium for artists, designers, and publishers to affordably produce large editions of prints and publications with a unique aesthetic that combines the feeling of xerox, screen printing, and lithography.
Our three machines each have different maximum paper sizes (11x17” & 8.5x11”), but can all handle as small at 4x6”. All print jobs need a minimum 1/4” margin on all sides, with 1/2” margin on the top for portrait or left edge for landscape orientation, and thus do not print full bleed. Print ready files should be gray scale separations for each color.
 When planning for your project, keep all of your color choices within one machine color line up, as the printing area for each machine is different. 
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